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OLD - Wedding Videography packages

Included in all film packages

Full day coverage

(about 2hrs before the ceremony until a couple of song after the first dance)

Delivered via your own online viewing portal

Pre-wedding catch up call

Highlights Package

One videographer

Two edited film versions: Highlight Film & Short Film

Our Highlights package is all about capturing all the special moments throughout your wedding day in our signature cinematic style.


Perfect for couples who don't require the ceremony or speeches to be filmed in full and just want us to capture cinematic footage of these moments instead.

Film One Package

One videographer

Three edited film versions: Highlight Film, Short Film & Feature Film

The Film One package is based upon the Highlights package, but includes the filming of your ceremony and speeches in full, with audio recording, via one static camera which is delivered via the Feature Film edit.

Perfect for those who would like to be able to watch back the ceremony and speeches from start to finish and have cinematic highlights captured of all the other moments from the day.

Film Two Package

Two videographers (Extra coverage)

Three edited film versions: Highlight Film, Short Film & Feature Film

Includes everything the Film One package offers, but with two videographers. This is our ultimate film coverage option.


With two videographers, we can capture even more moments throughout the whole day, plus, during your ceremony and speeches, in addition to the static camera angle, we will also be able to capture cinematic highlights footage closer to the action.

Looking for film & photography?

In partnership with Coley Photography, Kieran's brother, we have created a range of combined videography and photography packages, keeping all of your wedding capture requirements in one place.


Provided by a family team who have worked together for years over countless projects.

Film & Photography Packages

What's included in each film?

The Highlights Film
This one is a roughly
5-8 minutes long
and is a short, chronological 
summary of the highlights of your day set to music!
It's great for sharing on social media and with family and friends.
The Short Film
The  Highlights film,  but with even more memories and details.
This is roughly 10-17 minutes long. Great for a little movie night with close family and friends!
The Feature Film
This is like the short film, however, it includes your
ceremony and speeches,
with audio. 
This is roughly 45-60 minutes long. Great for reliving the
day in full!

Click here for further details about the differences between the packages.

Example films linked above are examples of a Film Two package, head to the Films page to see other examples of Film One package Highlights and Short films or get in touch to see an example of a Film One package Feature Film.

Benefits of two videographers

More coverage

With two videographers on hand, we will be able to capture even more memories throughout the whole day! Having two videographers usually makes your film a little longer too as we get double the footage. Another benefit of having two is one can stay with the bridal party in the morning and get some clips whilst the other one of us can get some venue and groomsmen getting ready clips.


Ceremony & speeches

While filming your ceremony and speeches we will be able to film close up and cut away clips, instead of one static wide angle. This means we can usually capture the groom tearing up at the end of the isle or a close up of your first kiss!

Your personalised film portal

Your films will be uploaded to your own personalised viewing portal, this is where you can watch your films online, share with family and friends and download the video files to save to your own devices!

VidFlow mock up.jpg

Totally optional extras

Clips for Instagram / Facebook stories

We provide you with a collection of different clips from your wedding film that are sized to fit on a Facebook or Instagram story, giving you more options for sharing your big day with your friends and family.


USB & Keepsake Box

Have your films saved and delivered via a personalised USB & presentation box. This can also be a great gift for family to remember your day by too!

Multiple Locations

We include filming at one bridal prep location and one venue as standard, if your plans include spending the day at more locations, please get in touch to discuss this with us.

Get in touch to check availability

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