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We are Kieran and Georgia. We are a videography duo and we specialise in making kickass, heartfelt wedding videos!

A little about us... we met at a concert and haven’t been apart since! We recently got married ourselves (at the beautiful Old Gore Barn!). When we're not making films, there is nothing we love more than going for walks in the forest, taking a trip to a theme park to let our hair down or even having a cosy night at home playing xbox with a pizza and a cup of tea! 


We have been filming together for a number of years and we make the perfect team! Kieran works with the more technical side whilst Georgia adds creative touches. With this, we combine our creativity and knowledge to capture your day in the perfect way!

We love to capture those pure candid moments of your day and we work closely with your photographer, which means we blend nicely into the background.  We like to think of ourselves as friendly & approachable and we love to have a bit of fun along the way.

Wedding_2023-08-19_Katie Sam-901 Large.jpeg
Fox and Blossom Wedding Videographer team at Stone Barn

We know that every wedding & couple are different, so where possible we love to have a catch up video call ahead of the day so that we can get to know you, chat about your wedding and what your plans for the day are and find out how you would best like us to capture your day for you. 

A little quick-fire Q&A about us...

Favourite part of making the wedding film?

Kieran - The editing, in particular, watching back a sequence of clips we have just edited back for the first time and starting to see it all come together. / Georgia - I actually have two... firstly is as soon as we have got back after a wedding, while we back up the footage we have a quick glance through some of the shots! This makes me super excited to edit it. Secondly, seeing people's reactions after they have watched their film, it gives me a happy feeling knowing they love it.

What do you love about weddings?

Kieran - Having all of your family and friends with you, celebrating such a special occasion! / Georgia - I love the whole atmosphere of weddings, the whole day is full of so much happiness and love!

Last song we listened to?

Kieran - Muse - Small Print / Georgia - Bad Omens - Just Pretend

Favourite season to film in?

Kieran - Autumn is a great time of year, all of the autumnal colours look amazing! / Georgia - I love winter weddings, they're always so cosy.

What skill would you like master?

Kieran - Get better at playing the guitar / Georgia -  I would love to play the piano!

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